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Sometimes a simple product page won't cut it. You need to help customers make a complex purchasing decision, presenting options in a way that makes the buying options simple to understand.

Custom Commerce Experiences are essential for certain types of products. We've helped our clients create: name a few.  If you need a bundle, a builder, a calculator or similar, we can help. 

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  • Shared Access to Digital Downloads


    YM360 is a youth ministry bible study resource provider on Shopify, and they wanted to improve their customers experience for purchasing, viewing, downloading & managing their Study & Event Resources, and allow Churches to share their purchased content across multiple accounts.

    We built a custom Event Package (bundle) Builder product page template using Vue.js to enable customers to understand and purchase all the resources they need for their Youth Camp. This is supported by a backend app that delivers the relevant content directly to the customers account. The study materials belong to the church, and the administrators for the church can grant access to multiple users with differing levels of access, all managed from their Shopify account page.

  • Custom Brew Club Membership

    Firestone Walker

    Firestone Walker's signature "Brewmaster's Collective" is an annual delivery subscription to a curated set of small batch beers. We helped create a membership program to bulk create orders when the batch is ready to ship, generate birthday gift orders, manage multiple shipping and subscription options and restricted access to member-only products and collections.

    Firestone Walker 
  • Lye / Fragrance Calculators, Color Blender & Gallery

    Nurture Soap

    Nurture Soap are the go-to resource for sourcing your soap making supplies. They wanted a way to give specific mixing advice for making Soaps, calculating how much of their fragrances to use, what their dyes look like in soap, and how to mix their dyes to create the perfect colors.
    We created 4 solutions for them, A Lye Calculator, A Color Blender, A Fragrance Caclulator and Soap Gallery, helping their customers to make the best buying decisions.

    Nurture Soap 
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