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The Project

They needed a custom app that can handle several features.


The custom app and the front-end Vue app manage the following features:

  • create bundles for their products that is able to adjust the quantity of all the individual items in that bundle
  • Allow customers to sign up to their website as admins, purchase courses and invite others(by email) to be the members of the admin account and use all the course materials that can include any file type(pdf, videos, mp3, doc, images, …)
  • A way to structure different course materials and upload their files
  • Allow admin and members to download course materials.

What we did was to use the Shopify Inventory API and reduce the quantity of the product variant in Shopify that is one of the bundle components.

And on the front-end, we created a bundle creator app using Vue.js so that customers could create their own bundles when purchasing a study(course).


  • Custom App
  • Shopify API
  • Vuejs
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