The Project

VinoDivino has 4 shops in different cities and each shop has it’s own inventory of wines. An out of stock wine in one shop could be available in another one. So they approached us to manage their inventory in different shops and show only the available products to the customers based on their zip codes.


We totally restructured their website to show a prompt to ask a customer about their shipping preferences. They can choose to pick up from the store or enter their zip code for delivery. In either case, the shop only shows the products available in customer’s location.

The way it works is that they specify the quantity of a product in each city in the custom Shopify app that we built for them and the app attaches the tags to each product. Then we filter the products and add them to its own collection.

We also used the information customer provided to return the correct shipping rates in checkout page.


  • Custom App
  • Javascript
  • Shopify API
  • Vuejs