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Multitenant School Fundraising

The Project

FunDelights help schools organize online student-driven fundraisers. Their existing niche-targeted e-commerce solution was lacking critical features, so they approached us looking for a solution to migrate to the Shopify platform.


We built a custom application enabling a shop admin to dynamically create and manage schools, assign the school to a specific Shopify product collection, and map the school to an SMS keyword for a short code marketing campaign.

Our app manages synchronizes these settings into a Shopify store to enable a custom subdomain landing page per-school, along with activating an SMS responder to reply to incoming messages and deliver customized replies. Additional tracking code allows the application to map orders to each school and provide revenue breakdowns by student for the administrator and downloadable spreadsheet reports.


  • RoR
  • Shopify API
  • Text Marks API
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