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The Project

When a customer needed a spare part for their hoist, they would call up GIS UK and describe the hoist and what part they needed, or call up and request a copy of the spare part manual. This was time consuming and costly.


GIS UK asked us to take all their existing PDF spare parts manuals and put them online. They wanted customers to be able to choose their hoist, see a copy of the exploded parts diagram click on the part they wanted and then buy it there and then, online.

We created a database of all the parts including the part number, the diagram key number and the price of the part. This information was scattered and meant a lot of time sifting through and cross referencing PDFs and jpegs.

Next we set up a Spree E-commerce store and created a custom parts viewer. We created jpegs of all the exploded parts diagrams and then overlayed clickable buttons over the diagram keys. Using Ajax, we created a live-updating shopping cart so that customers can add/remove parts whilst looking at the diagrams.

The project was so successful that now the internal sales staff at GIS UK use the site to find parts rather than using the systems that they used to.


  • Shopify API
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