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Chibi Chop Shop

The Project

ChibiChopShop.com offers directly shipped orders as well as a hold order program (called Chibi Cache) which allows customers to place several orders over time without paying shipping on each order. These orders are held in a bin under their name and when the customer is ready, they can pay for shipping and have their hold orders all sent together. This saves on shipping cost and allows customers to buy a single item or two on each order without having to pay two or three times as much for shipping each time.


They had a system in place that more or less achieved this but they had some difficulties dealing with Shopify's API and managing server call timeouts, which resulted in some customer hold orders being dropped from the hold order shipment request, incorrect shipping rates and some other bugs.

So we created a new custom app for them that categorizes orders based on whether or not they are regular orders or hold orders, And when customers request shipping for their hold orders, the app automatically fulfills all the items that are held in customer’s cache.

Once ChibiChopShop has pulled and tagged all hold orders appropriately, the customer can go to their account page and submit an order request to have their hold orders shipped. It adds up the weight for shipping cost, applies discounts for total value of all hold orders included and the customer can submit the order, pay if applicable and they(ChibiChopShop) see the request as a new order, pack their items and ship them out.


  • Custom App
  • Shopify API
  • Vuejs

We hired them to re-make a custom back end app that a hack developer we hired from Freelancer.com had attempted to make but failed. Pogodan (Lisa) did an amazing job. She communicated clearly, asked questions, listened and reiterated her understanding of our needs and executed the development to my exact specifications. We had a handful of video chat meetings to go over things which I always walked away from feeling confident that she was moving in the right direction and I understood what she had to relay. She also did a great job at helping to think through creatively, some challenges of the system and developed something that would work well for us. I have a number of small addon functions and other related projects for our site in the future and I will 100% bring them to Pogodan first.

Chibi Chop Shop

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