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FetchScript. FetchApp Customization for Shopify

FetchScript. FetchApp Customization for Shopify

FetchScript is middleware that sits between Shopify and FetchApp in order to process your custom logic prior to sending orders to FetchApp. 

A good example use of FetchScript is if you are using a bundle app (like Dynamic Product Options) and those orders aren't getting picked up by FetchApp. FetchScript can process those orders and send them to FetchApp for fulfillment.

Purchase of this product represents a one time setup fee. Please get in touch prior to purchase so that we can confirm that FetchScript will work for your use case.

Once installation is complete, there is a $10 per month hosting* fee, payable via Shopify.

*hosting based on resource usage, high volume stores may pay more, but $10 p/m is typical.
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