• Members-only blog via custom theme templates

    In this guide we'll show you how to create a customized gated content (paywall) to a blog and it's articles so that it's only accessible to certain customers, like the one you can see here:

  • Return users to their previous page after Sign up and Registration in Shopify

    A popular request from our Shopify clients is to send customers to a specific page after login or registration. Be that the cart, the checkout, a specific thank you page or the page/product they were looking at before they signed in or signed up.The solutions are different for Registration and Log In so we'll tackle them separately. Login Solutions REDIRECT TO A STATIC URL Let's say you want to redirect customers to their cart after login. Locate your customer login form {% form 'customer_login' %} , usually in customers/login.liquid. On a new line immediately after {% form 'customer_login'...